Data Conversions

MBS Will Convert Your Data to Our Systems

It's not uncommon that a client has existing data, whether it is in Excel, a competitor's software, or a mainframe system written many years ago.  MBS has a wealth of experience converting data and has tackled all types of data conversions.  To get started, MBS will request a copy of your existing data and will provide you with a complete estimate for the conversion, along with details on our rigorous process for converting the data and testing the results to ensure accuracy.  And it's not just about accuracy... it's about converting the data in a way that is usable within the system, rather than just having it for historical purposes.  Data conversions can be a challenge, but MBS has succeeded time and time again.  Our conversion specialists will guide you through the entire process.

Don't have existing data in an electronic format?  MBS can scan your cards/documents and enter the data into our system, usually at a much lower cost than entering the data yourself.  Inquire for details.


Rick Davis, Diocese of Fresno

"Some people consider me to be a paid spokesman for Nexus by MBS. However, it is just because I absolutely love their program, all of the options, features and benefits, and most importantly their support. They are second to none."

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