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At MBS we aspire to empower each of our clients to gain and maintain the ability to efficiently complete their day's tasks. It is this goal that pushes us to offer cutting edge software and quality support.

As part of MBS's ongoing effort to properly prepare our clients, we include mandatory training with each new contract. We also offer additional classes for our clients should they desire them. This training is designed to cover all of the elements of our system from installation to actual day to day use. Training classes on MBS software are customized to each cemetery or funeral home / cemetery combo and are typically conducted with groups or individuals from one organization at a time. This individualized training approach allows us to customize each training session to the unique needs and situations of every client organization. Lastly, this approach allows us to offer training on only the systems purchased, on customized software and data as they apply or on combinations of these factors.

Further enhancing client support is the fact that our client trainers are also our customer support team. This means that not only are you personally familiar with your support team, but they are knowledgeable regarding the issues of your organization. During the training, they will work with your data and your needs. This knowledge then is carried through to each support incident customizing each conversation further.

MBS offers several training alternatives. Variations on our training include training sessions at MBS's training facility in Franklin, TN and on-site client training. These classes are then further varied by the software systems selected for study. Located just 20 minutes south of Nashville, TN, our Franklin office offers a structured training environment with individual computers, little to no outside distractions, audio visual equipment, small class size and a knowledgeable trainer. Franklin also offers easy airport access and vacation destination appeal in Nashville. Alternatively, MBS is ready to send our consultants to your offices. This option allows our clients to work directly on their own computers and networks and in their own environments.

Training costs, time frames and available dates all vary. Contributing factors to each of these elements include the software system being trained on, the amount of custom software or data conversions involved in the system and the location of the training. Please contact your MBS representative or MBS's client support staff on pricing and availability for training for your organization.

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"They (the MBS Support Staff) are so accommodating and always there when we need them."

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